About Bharti HR Pvt. Ltd.

Welcome to the official (BHRC©) page. (BHRC©) addresses the increasing need for a trusted and practical human capital centre of expertise in all areas of Global Human Resources.

Bharti HR Recruitment Consultant is a collection of great thoughts and minds that bridges the fragments of both Employers and their prospective recruits.

Our system is aimed to serve both categories at the utmost efficiency. We have a brilliant team flowing with an effervescent stimulation of ideas and innovations. Every single Bharti HR Recruitment Consultant'S mind is so attuned to the system simultaneously and continually offering newer ways to enhance and increase the efficiency of the recruitment system. Our energies are directed from the very fact that we enjoy doing our best. Our concrete beliefs lie in a fact that Recruitment isn't just about placing an employee in his position, but it also relays on his complete satisfaction and about becoming a member into an ever-growing system.

Partner with BHRC® and allow us to focus on your Global Human Capital needs. We do this by providing you the knowledge, systems, and processes that are integrated into the way you work. Your one-stop solution minus the fixed operating costs.

Specialties Talent Acquisition, Employee Relations, Employment Law and Regulatory Compli-ance, Change Management, Global Human Capital, Mergers, Diversity & Inclusion, Strategic Planning, Organizational Development, Organizational Culture

Our Team

Rajeev Ranjan Jha (Founder BHRC)

(Director BHRC)

Ashish Adhikari (Director, BHRC Kolkata)

Our History

Who we are
Bharti HR Recruitment Consultant has been established with the sole objective to dedicate itself for quality service in Human Resource Sector. Bharti Hr Pvt. Ltd. is a Career Consultancy and Manpower Resources Firm that understands the intricacies of human resources management. We are dedicated in bridging the gap between the requirements in various organisations.
What We Serve
We provide solutions that change the way people work and organizations do business. In virtually every industry, from Manufacturing to Financial Services, Information Technology to Education, Health Care to Trading, Bharti Hr Pvt. Ltd. has been helping companies leverage their resources by reducing their operating costs and increasing their productivity.
Why Choose us
By making your hiring systems more efficient and cost effective it will keep you ahead of the competition. Our broad industry knowledge and high-calibre team provide expert solutions and support that will help to eradicate any technology constraints. It is our aim to develop and maintain a reputation based on honesty, technical expertise and high standards of workmanship and to charge prices that are fair and easily understood by clients.